Mission Society

The Mission Society is charged with coordinating the work of the various Missionary Ministries. 


The groups that comprise the Mission Society are:

Carnation/Hattie Hutchins supports the work of the Balm of Gilead Ministry, an organization dedicated to fight A.I.D.S 



Floral Guild Ministry is charged with beautifying the physical surroundings of the church building with plants and flowers throughout the year. 


Hospitality Ministry members are stationed in the lobby of the church to welcome members and visitors to special programs and worship services.  They provide information and directions as requested.


South And North Carolina Missionary Ministry exists to teach by applying the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through service, providing assistance to the poor, needy, to support institutions that serve the needs of suffering, ministering to the educational needs of our youth and give financial support to emergency crises throughout the world.


Lily of the Valley Missionary Ministry donate funds to aid in special projects in the church, i.e., wall plaque dedicating the Ollie B. Wells' Music Room and Lecture Hall.   Currently this group is working on restoring a portrait of the organizer and first pastor of Union Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. George H. Sims, Senior.


Georgia Missionary Ministry donates funds to support the work of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention.  They also donate gift baskets to sick and shut-in members. 


Nurses Ministry members are present in uniform to assist members of bereaved families and aid the ministerial staff and the congregation during all worship services.