Worship Service

Sundays at 10:30 am

“Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and

give the Almighty all that you promised.”  Psalm 50:14


The Divine Worship Service is conducted each Lord’s Day at 10:30 A.M. The Baptism & Holy Communion Services is on the 2nd Lords Day of each month. Worship is the most important activity that engages the life of the church. In Worship, God is at the center. When Worship becomes important, we will be in our seats on time and will do all we can to maintain dignity in Worship and respect for God.       

Worship – (The Greek word “proskuneo”) means to Bow down and Kiss

Praise –(The Greek word “eulogeous”) means to Bless, Speak Well Of

Why do we lift our hands?  We lift our hands to bless the Lord.   Psalm 63:4

Why do we clap our hands?  We clap our hands to celebrate.   Psalm 47:1

Why do we stand when we sing and read the Word?  We stand to honor God.  2 Chron. 20:19

Why do we praise God audibly?  We want God and the people to hear our worship. Heb. 13:15    

Why do we have to be so loud about it?  We shout before the Lord in joy and gladness. Psalm 100:1-2  

Why do we dance?  We dance to worship the Lord. Psalm 149:3

Why do exercise the gifts of the Spirit? John 13:35

Why do we leap?  We leap to praise the Lord.  Acts 3:8

Why do we Worship God?  The Word Commands us to worship God. Matthews 4:10

How should we worship God?  In Spirit and in Truth.  John 4:23-24